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Microdose, Movement + Mingle in the Park

Oct 8th
5 PM - 7 PM
  • Hosted by Viv la Queer, M.A.
  • San Diego, CA -
  • 22 people on the list-

☀️ Join us for a relaxing Sunday morning of community, movement, and plant medicine collaboration in the park.

We'll begin with a ceremonial intention-setting circle before embarking on a gentle, grounding movement flow + sound meditation amidst nature. I will have a potent yet tender heart-opening herbal tea blend for us to infuse with our wishes and intentions. Option to microdose your plant medicine brought from home. Please consume responsibly.**

Bring your own yoga mat, dress in layers and bring water.

🎟 Sliding scale tickets from $5-$25.

Your generosity supports my ability to continue to do this work and keep it accessible! Thank you 💖

🌈 We'll spend the remainder of our time mingling, integrating our experiences, and connecting with one another.

Come anchor into your body, nurture community, and expand your consciousness.

This experience is great for folks looking to deepen their relationship to our plant medicine allies through ceremony and community.

This event is facilitated by me, plant medicine mami Viv la Queer, M.A. + P.A.T.C. I am a psychedelic-assisted therapy certified practitioner and mental wellness guide (yes, I went to therapy school too!). I specialize in supporting womxn, femmes, queers, and veterans in healing and creating the life of their dreams through psychedelics. Please reach out to me if you have any questions!

My aim is to create a space for folks to meet and build supportive relationships with like-minded babes on the psychedelic journey who are committed to the road of self-awareness through non-ordinary experiences which often include collaborating with plant medicine.

**Please note: Viv la Queer + Psychedelic Social Club does not provide psychedelic substances, nor “prescribe” the use of psychedelics. Should you choose to partake in psychedelics, that is a personal decision that we support through education & harm reduction. By attending one of our events, you are agreeing to be fully responsible for any behavior, or consumption before, during, and after our event. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if we feel it is unsafe for our community, yourself or if you do not come in a good way to the medicine.

DISCLAIMER: The events by Viv la Queer + Psychedelic Social Club are NOT to be taken in place of professional or medical advice. Attending Psychedelic Social Club events does not mean you are under the care of a licensed medical professional, consult your doctor for medical advice. This is an educational community knowledge share.

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