Mindful Intimacy for Everyone, Part II

Explore deep intimacy and transform your approach to sex the Mindful Intimacy // Part II workshop! 

Have you ever wondered if there is MORE to sex? In this enriching four-hour workshop, you’ll learn tools and practices that will radically transform your understanding of intimacy with self and others. 

Why should you do this work? Whether you’re single or partnered, mindful intimacy is about paying close attention to our bodies and our breath—it’s very different from the sexuality that’s modeled for us in pop culture. Practicing mindful intimacy is about slowing down, paying more attention, and using our awareness to enhance our intimate experiences.

In this 4-hour workshop, you will:

  • Practice a grounding breathwork to connect to your body
  • Learn new ways to think about desire, arousal, and pleasure
  • Play with new sensations to expand your access to pleasure in your body 
  • Explore three Tantric practices to dive deep into connection with self and other

Here is a sweet testimonial from a participant at Mindful Intimacy // Part 1: “The workshop gave me new tools for communication in my relationship, and it made me feel less confused about how to approach the topic of intimacy. It gave me a chance to let go of some judgements I’ve been holding onto about my body. I really enjoyed the chance to connect with my partner and myself in a safe, playful, and supportive environment.” 💜

This workshop is co-taught by Sabra Della Lucia, MSCP, and Andrea Devon Bertoli, Pleasure Coach & Sex Educator. Our combined experience and tools give you a unique opportunity to explore communication and comfort in intimacy and pleasure in a safe space, with therapeutic support. 

If you have attended Mindful Intimacy // Part 1, this is a great way to expand on what you learned; if you’ve not taken Part 1 you’re still welcome and will learn a lot in this juicy class! This workshop is for everyone—single, partnered, or exploring other ways of relating! There is no nudity nor intimate touch in this workshop, however, there will be descriptions and discussions of sexual activities and anatomy.

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