Bloom Community

Monthly Social!

Oct 21st
1:30 AM - 3:30 AM

Join us on the 3rd (sometimes 4th) Fridays of the month, come see some humans. This will be an unstructured event where you can hang out, connect, see old faces and meet new people. If you can, bring a snack or drink to share, if you can’t don’t even fret!

Please note that this month the event will be held at Marie and Joseph's house, beginning at 6:30pm!

We’re all eager to start seeing each other, talking, connecting, catching up.

Come on over and sit for a while.

Members of the general sex-positive community are invited to attend.


The nearest bus stop is three blocks away: the 75 that travels along 42nd Avenue. There are two steps up to the front door; the bathroom and kitchen are on the main level. There are no pets. We have an air filter on 24/7 on the main level as well as a decent filtration system throughout the house. We don’t have any particular COVID policies at this time, just ask that folks are thoughtful about their health prior to coming over. 

We'd love a few volunteers to help with ambassador stuff, and picking up a plate or two is always welcomed.

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