Bloom Community

More Men Meditating - A Dynamic Men’s Circle

Imagine a world where men are less-stressed, tapped into their creativity, not suffering from depression, accessing their heart, and finding deeper meaning in life through sacred practice - magical right? This is what happens when more men meditate

​Divine brotherhood, meditation, releasing fear and shame through movement, and immersion in nature - these are the healing pillars that have transformed me on my journey and what I'll be sharing with you in this workshop. This will be the beginning of a deepening community that will walk together in the wilderness on retreat and continue to gather weekly outdoors in sacred circle. 

​What you'll receive at this gathering: 

Brotherhood with open-hearted men

​Movement to ignite the spirit and power through limitations in the mind

​Silence and deep breath through guided meditation (feat. live music) 

​Grounding through an auditory nature walk


​More men meditating will heal the world - let's start now. 

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