Mystery Temple - Your Erotic Avatar

Saturday, January 28 | Doors: 5pm | Event: 6pm - late | Location revealed 1 week prior to event

Ceremony | Facilitated Experiences | Delicious Treats | Exploration Stations | Luscious Curation & More

Mystery Temple prides itself on radical inclusivity. We extend a special invitation (and discount) to our LGBTQ+ & BIPOC friends.

Forget about your standard New Year’s resolutions to get a solid eight hours of sleep every night, start intermittent fasting, and take that new pilates class three times a week. When was the last time you made a resolution to dive deeper into the embodiment of your sexual essence?

What facet of your sexuality are you looking to express? What new sexy Avatar do you want to explore? (No, we’re not just name dropping #Avatar to get ahead on all the socials.)

Are you ready to own your sacred slut?

Are you a closet kinkster?

Is there a bi-sensual side of you just itching for a little play?

Start your sexy new year with us on January 28th for the first Mystery Temple of 2023. Share your kink and your queer, your Dom and your sub, your offerings and performance, with other sexy beings. Come (and cum) as your erotic Avatar of 2023.

Oh, and make just one more resolution to get your tickets early! Last time we sold out within a week!

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