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Naked Yoga (Surprise Style) 18+

Nov 25th
6 PM - 7:30 PM
  • Hosted by Yin Solutions
  • Carlsbad, CA -

Naked Yoga (Surprise Style) 18+

In-Person (Carlsbad, CA) and Zoom Class

We may use one style such as slow flow/hold, yin, chakra, or yoga nidra. Or combine the power of slow intentional movements and breathwork with the deep stillness of yin yoga acknowledging the chakras. Come be surprised and leave feeling rejuvenated and balanced.

This class is Naked.

Being naked is optional. However, it is edgy, takes courage and strength. You are vulnerable, especially in yoga! After you get through vulnerable feelings such as being judged based on your body or techniques. You drop into your own body and forget about clothes all together! You feel a sense of freedom!

Please bring a yoga mat, 2 blocks if you have them. Feel free to bring a pillow or blanket for extra comfort. And an optional journal to jot down any insights or reflections that may arise during the practice.

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8am Slow Flow & Hold


9:00am Erotic Dance (she/her/they/them)


1pm Yoga Nidra


6pm Erotic Dance (she/her/they/them)


8am Naked Yin Yoga w/ Yoga Nidra 

6pm Naked Yin Yoga w/ Yoga Nidra


10am Naked Surprise Style Yoga 

12pm Yoga Nidra

*Please note that in person classes are a limited quantity. 1st come, first available. 

To sign up/register for a class

Please do one of the following:

  1. Eventbrite
  2. MindBody (50%off 1st time trial class)


For Mindbody:

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Experience private tailored experiences for connecting your mind, body and spirit. 

Some experiences available:

  • Tantric massage (Spicy)
  • Yoga- 
  •    Yin and/or slow flow
  •    Yoga Nidra
  •    Naked Yoga
  •    Tantric Partner Stretching (Spicy)
  •    Sensual Domination (Spicy)
  • Dance- 
  •    Erotic
  •    Chakra Balance
  • Professional Cuddling

To schedule an appointment


Ronna Kirkland

(760) 814-9444

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