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Oakland Non-Monogameetup -- February [FKA Oakland Poly Happy Hour]

  • Hosted by Poly Happy Hour
  • Oakland, CA -
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Our Oakland Happy Hour has moved to a new location. We're now at DREXL at 382 19th St. Oakland, CA 94612. 

The name of our event is also changing to "Oakland Non-monogameetup" to avoid concerns from the bar that people might expect a happy hour menu.

Welcome to Oakland's Non-Monogameetup!

We're a non-monogamous gathering which brings together communities from across the Bay Area for an evening of casual connection and mingling.

  • No cover or cost to attend. (No ticket or rsvp required)
  • We strongly encourage people to take a rapid covid test before attending but will not be checking test results at the door.
  • Smoke things in front of the venue to support attendees with sensitivities
  • Come anytime 7:00-10:30pm.
  • Reach us in the chat or by email at:


Consent is an important part of the culture of our event. Please ask before touching or hugging others, and only act on an enthusiastic yes.

Health Safety:

  • NO COVID TESTING REQUIREMENT: We will no longer be requiring covid tests or vaccination for our event, however we still strongly encourage people to take a rapid covid test before attending, particularly if feeling unwell.
  • If you develop symptoms following our event, please send a note to so we can alert others.

About Oakland's Non-Monogameetup:

We welcome all the non-monogamous, poly-curious, relationship anarchists, queer-of-all-sorts, supportive friends, singles, couples, polycules, et al. to help us create a safe space for all orientations and all kink and gender identities. To this end, please don’t yuck someone else’s yum and practice enthusiastic consent [ask before initiating any physical contact (even a hug) and feel empowered to respond, "no thank you" to asks from others]

The Oakland Non-Monogameetup together Bay Area non-monogamous communities, as well as those who are new or just thinking about exploring, for an afternoon of mingling, friend-making and catching up.

No cover or cost to attend, but drinks are available to order. - If you're able, please support the folks at DREXL who make this event possible. (buy drinks, tip big)

About DREXL:

DREXL is located in Downtown Oakland at 382 19th St. 

DREXL is located near the 19th St. Bart station and is in an area with plenty of parking. Please don't leave anything visable in your car when parking in this neighborhood. 

The bar has a back patio with a designated area for smoking. Please be contentious of any attendees with sensitivities to smoking.

DREXL does not serve food, but there are plenty of spots to grab a bite in the neighborhood


We’re partnering with our friends at Bloom to help people connect before & after our events! Match, chat, and meet people before you go!

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