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Petite Pretzel & Kinknamepending Torsions and Breath Play

Nov 21st
12 AM - 3 AM
  • Hosted by Temple
  • NY -

Torsions and Breath Play in Partial Suspension

Wabi-sabi: asymmetry in twisty partials

“Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” – Richard Powell

This class will play with torsions in floor play and partial suspensions. Rather than creating exact visual symmetry, we are aiming for harmony and balance. Rotating the neck, the shoulders, the hips in different directions can create physically demanding positions which exaggerate the model’s proportions.

We will start with open shapes and back bends, pulling the model’s shoulders back and exposing the throat. Then we will move into more crumpled-up, closed shapes where the knees and chest come together. Each set of positions has its own challenges, for model and for rigger.

Torsions – particularly with an extreme bend at the waist – can create breath restriction. (If the class is interested and somewhat experienced we can explore this further.) Riggers should be able to tie load-bearing chest harnesses (i.e. the TK, though arms-free harnesses are good too) and models should be aware of the difference between circulation and nerve impingement.


Riggers will need to already be familiar and comfortable with partial suspensions or full suspensions. You’ll need to be comfortable tying structured harnesses for suspension and tying up-lines safely to suspension points.

Bottoms/models should have some degree of familiarity with their bodies in rope and understand risks such as nerve impingement. Bottoms/models should be able to communicate with their riggers regarding limits, boundaries, likes/dislikes and any other feedback during and outside ties.