May 7th
7 PM - 8 PM
  • Hosted by Poly Potluck
  • San Diego, CA -
  • 38 people on the list-

Hey there Poly-curious and Plant Lovers alike,

We invite you to join us at the monthly Pioneer Park ENM Potluck where we gather as like minded friends and community to share delicious plant based meals, inspiring conversations and exploration of polyamory, Ethical Non-Monogamy and alternative lifestyles and...NO, you do NOT have to be Vegan to join us!

Come and enjoy a nutritious, tasty feast while mingling with those passionate about the many aspects of non-monogamy, self exploration and creating intentional connections!

Please bring your own vegan/gluten free dish (free of animal products) to share with everyone and come experience something new, make new connections and friends and possibly even meet a new lover! (maybe bring a picnic blanket and a lawn chair to, but please, no alcohol as it's forbidden at the park).

This event has a long history and has been happening for so long no one really knows who started it. We just know that the 1st Sunday of every month we show up at noon and socialize till around 4pm.

But why is this a vegan potluck?

It's simple actually. Because when this ENM group first started meeting at the park(a public place) many years ago, people needed a way to be able to find us at the park so we started telling people to ask "Is this the ENM group" and people who knew what ENM was would of course say "yes, this is it" but some people didn't know what ENM stood for and so that we didn't have to out ourselves we would tell those people it was the "Eat No Meat" group and BAM... our monthly potluck at the park became an ENM vegan social!

So do I have to bring a Vegan Dish?

The request is that we all be fully conscious of what we bring and share and be mindful that many people in our community do in fact have dietary restrictions, and since this is a public space where families and kids may also gather we are working to create an image of our community as conscious and loving people and simply request that you be mindful of such.

Do I have to be a Vegan to attend?

Absolutely not, however, we do ask that for this one event and for a few short hours that you experiment a little with this dietary choice and be respectful to those for whom chose this lifestyle the same way you would expect others to be respectful or your own lifestyle choices.

Can I bring my kids?

For sure! We will just assume that any ENM parents in our community are just as capable if not more capable of being responsible for their own kids.

What if I don't know how to make Vegan Food?

Then this is a great opportunity for you to explore something new and maybe even step out of your comfort zone a bit and expand your personal horizons. There are hundreds of recipes for amazing and delicious food you can find online. OR if you really prefer, pick something up from a local Vegan Restaurant or the grocery store. Together, as a community we will learn how to bring more compassion and mindfulness to our dietary choices, and we will have a fun time doing it!

We look forward to seeing you there!


The Pioneer Park ENM Potluck   

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