Practical Polyamory #4: Money & More

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The 4th session of this practical skills series for polyamorous/ENM folks new or experienced is about legal, financial, & housing issues

The Practical Polyamory class series goes beyond the common ethical non-monogamy 101 topics like jealousy and vocabulary, offering ENM love and life skills in a warm, inclusive, irreverent atmosphere Taught by relationship educator and coach and lifelong polyamorist Rebecca Rose Vassy, it’s perfect for those new to ENM who want the tools to succeed. It’s also great for those more experienced in the polyamory/ENM worlds who want to dive deeper into skill-building or find solutions to thorny problems. Drop in on just the sessions that interest you (see the full series), or sign up for all six sessions and save. Series already started? Buy the full course pass and you’ll receive the recordings, notes, and resources from the sessions you missed!

**Please note that there’s a week break between the previous class and this one due to Thanksgiving. Please also be aware that nothing in this session constitutes legal or financial advice unless we specify that it is provided by a professional. You should consult the appropriate professional about your situation before taking action in any of these areas.**

You may have heard the common ENM dream of “a shared house/commune where the whole polycule can live together”. But how would that actually work? How do you form a family when only couples can legally marry? How do you manage money with multiple partners? How can you secure legal rights for the partners you want to visit you in the hospital or co-parent your children? This might be our most practical of the Practical Polyamory sessions, as we give you an overview of how to handle some of the logistics involved in bringing your ENM dream into reality.

Your guide on this journey is Rebecca Rose Vassy, The Pincus Center’s resident educator as well as a sex, relationship, and body image coach with almost three decades of experience in polyamory. Her compassionate, inclusive style is down-to-earth and sometimes downright earthy. She meets you where you are, because she’s been there herself.

During this session, we’ll talk about:

  • Money management, whether you “nest” with partners or not
  • Establishing financial fairness and boundaries in your relationships
  • Legal and financial questions to resolve before living together
  • How to give your partners the benefits of being spouses when you can’t be legally married
  • Considerations when planning for and co-parenting children
  • What to be aware of when you break up– and ways to plan for it

There will be time at the end of the session for Q&A and discussion, with an anonymous form for submitting anything you’re too shy to say out loud. Join us for this important session that will help you know what you need to know to tangibly plan for your long-term goals.

This class is virtual and will be recorded, with the link to the recording provided to all registrants. Sliding scale tiers are available, and you may also inquire about sliding scale accommodations at Don’t forget to check out the other sessions in this series, and make sure to join our mailing list for workshop announcements, Ask a Sexpert, and free sexual and mental wellness resources!

Rebecca Rose Vassy is a sex, relationship, and body image educator and coach with The Pincus Center, creating blog posts and web-based resources in addition to her other work. As her alter ego Diva Darling, she is the host and producer of the erotic storytelling open mic Smut Slam DC, a burlesque performer and teacher, and the editor of Anonymous Sex Vol. I. She created and wrote the Blooms Blog for education-based adult store Lotus Blooms, where she was a resident educator; she has also taught for Black Rose, DC After Dark, Joe’s Movement Emporium, and numerous sex-positive and sacred sexuality festivals.

The Pincus Center for Inclusive Treatment and Education specializes in working with queer, transgender/nonbinary, kinky, and ethically non-monogamous/polyamorous people. We value sex positivity (including asexuality), body positivity and fat liberation, and racial justice.

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