Red Tent: Sacred Priestess Circle

Sep 22nd
2 AM - 6 AM
  • Hosted by TantraSD
  • Vista, CA -

RED TENT: SACRED PRIESTESS CIRCLE IS BACK in SD! Let's honor the Autumn Equinox and reconnect in person and online with sisters on 9/21/23

Blessings Sister!

On the Fall Equinox, we have an equal balance of day and night. Spiritually, this represents the light and darkness in our lives.

Let's honor the beginning of a new season in our lives, as well as ALL aspects of ourselves on Thursday, September 21st from 7:00 - 11:00 pm PST at The House of Love in Vista, CA.

After a year since we last Circled together, Taina's back in San Diego from Scotland and her ventures spreading love and freedom around the world.

Every Red Tent, we witness how much magic happens when women gather and how potent our collective energy is. We've seen sisters manifest dream homes, relationships, businesses... and so much more.

Let us start the new season planting powerful seeds of intention and launch into our most magnificent Self yet!

This women-identified (trans sisters welcome!) event is POTLUCK and will include some time after the ceremony for connecting.

It is a beautiful time to harvest, reset, and honor yourself for all that you have done and prepare fertile soil for all that you're growing using the collective energy of your powerhouse sistars.


Together we will:

* Honor our journeys and reap the harvests of the summer

* Shed what no longer serves

* Connect in deep and meaningful ways with our sisters and ourselves

* Use the power of the collective to manifest our desires and set powerful intentions

* Upgrade our energy to show up more powerfully and positively impact our lives, our communities, and the world


What to bring:

* Potluck dish to share with the group (Dairy and Gluten Free Preferred)

* Wear RED

* A Journal and pen

* An altar object you would like charged up (optional)

* Your own water bottle to tread lightly on Mother Earth

* Your Authentic Self (come as you are, all parts of you are perfect)


Order of the night:

7:00 - 7:30 Potluck (Breaking bread together is part of the ritual, please arrive early enough and with a GF/DF dish or delightful drink to share)

7:30 - 10:00 Circle Ceremony (includes Authentic Relating exercises and rituals)

10:00-11:00 Post circle sister hang out, hot tub, potluck, and connection time


Any questions, comments, or desires to contribute your magic with the group, please don't hesitate to contact me.

In love and sisterhood,

Taina Ixchel


The food will be delicious. The bonds will be supportive. And your soul will be nourished and rejuvenated in the presence of your sisters.

So come play, come Be, come release, come laugh, come as you are and explore what's in store for you on this magical night.


Here's what past attendees say about Red Tent: Sacred Priestess Circle:

“The Red Tent was one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences I have had. I felt a truly intimate and heartfelt connection between other women, allowing for a deeper relationship to myself to naturally unfold, therefore fostering closeness with those around me. I really felt safe in my vulnerability. I would definitely recommend any woman to one of these sacred events. I came away from it with a renewed and heightened sense of Self and love for others, especially my sisters. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Taina!!♥️♥️♥️” -Stephanie Ellis

“Taina facilities the container in which you discover the unseen parts of yourself. She embodies the divine in such a way that rocks the very core of who you are & awakens the creatrix within. Sisterhood is a place in which Taina reminds us the forgotten truth that we are all truly connected. Walking through the continuous weaving web of the womb matrix, her light is the one that holds your hand through the depths of the Goddess so you can remember your own power. I am forever grateful for my experiences with her.” - Vila Rose

“I felt women power like never before ranging from rage, fear, & more to grace, beauty, gratitude, unconditional love ... all spectrums of our emotions were welcomed and supported. I love how we came together to be vulnerable in a safe space where many of us don’t get to have in today’s society. It was beautiful to see and experience women with all ages and walks of life taking action and what better way to do so than reaching for support thru the event and recognizing where we all are in our journeys. We shall always be connected from now on & I am grateful and honored to had the opportunity to have such connections. ~ Judy K.

“I arrived at the Red Tent a bit nervous about not knowing anyone, and I left with a new community of beautiful, supportive, women. Every circle I attend feels unique depending on the theme, different women attending and the epic venues. Taina always helps me feel safe, seen and welcome. Every community should have a Red Tent!” - Julie Avena

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