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Rope Practice at House of Black

Oct 7th
7:30 PM - 10 PM
  • San Diego, CA -


A Rope Practice

Hosted by the lovely euni & Jean aka Sensory PlaySpace


Rope Bondage for Erotic Play

Come learn the foundations of rope and how to create simple and creative ties for erotic play.

During this rope practice, euni will be sharing how to use one or 2 ropes to restrain in ways that accentuate their most sensual angles and help you create a sexy + fun scene.

Already know the topic of the day?

 No problem, you can still attend and practice whatever rope you'd like to practice for the duration of the event.


WHO: Rope enthusiasts wanting to practice skills & those wanting share knowledge with other bondage enthusiasts

ARRIVE: 12:15PM-1PM (We start promptly at 1PM & doors will be closed at this time)

BRING: Rope, safety scissors, & your own mat to sit on

WEAR: Comfortable clothing, such as yoga attire, bra and panties, simple body suits 

Please contact euni & Jean on their profile page here for questions about this event: Sensory PlaySpace

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