Sacred Sensuality - How Tantra Brings Spirituality Into Your Love Life

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Join us for an evening workshop for both singles & couples and learn practices to enhance intimate and sensual connection!

Spirituality can be fun… and even sexy!

It is common to feel that spirituality needs to be serious and separate from having fun. In our experience, the sacred and deep nature of spirituality does not need to be separate from deep enjoyment and pleasure. In fact, they support one another, and you even could say they are one and the same!

Join Alicia & Erwan Davon, longtime SF Bay Area-based Relationship Coaches on March 18 at The Center SF for Sacred Sensuality; how Tantra brings spirituality into your Love Life, as they bring the essential principles of Tantra and spirituality into the realm of sensuality and relationship. If you’re in a couple, you will deepen your intimacy, attraction, and love for each other. If you’re single, you’ll enhance your own experience of sacred sensuality and meet other singles with whom you can learn and grow. Everyone is always welcome to do the exercises solo if that’s what feels right to you. Alicia and Erwan provide a safe space for this exploration, as does the very practice of bringing awareness and presence.

When something is sacred, it gets our full attention, and we are at our best when we engage with it. The possibilities for our romantic and sensual lives skyrocket when we tap into the sacred nature of our sensuality.

This special in-person event is a great date night for those of you that are couples, and a fun way for those of you that are single to meet like-minded people and give yourself a fun, enlivening experience to take into your own love life. Instead of leaving our love lives up to chance, you can bring presence, awareness, and skill to this vitally important area of life.

This evening workshop will be fun and light-hearted as well as deep and impactful. You will walk out even more connected with your body, heart, and spirit than when you walked in! You will leave with a set of skills and a special set of practices that are safe and easy to get into, which you can practice yourself or with a partner.

The evening will be very experiential. There will be no explicit sexual activity on the part of the facilitators or the participants.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one! Yoga mats will be provided by The Center but they are limited.

Erwan and Alicia are very entertaining, so expect to have fun. They’ll be available after the class in the main tea room for social time, discussion or questions.

All ages, genders, races, and body types are welcome. You are guaranteed to meet some fun people. Come as you are! Please arrive on time, the event will start on time and doors will close by 730pm!

About Erwan & Alicia Davon of The Davon Method- Your Facilitators

Erwan & Alicia Davon are longtime teachers based in the SF Bay Area, developed their signature process, the Davon Method, and have taught it to over 15,000 students in groups, retreats and individual sessions. As a married couple, they have been teaching singles to get into relationship & couples to thrive in relationship for the last 25 years. They have become the go-to place in the San Francisco Bay Area for all things romantic and sexual and are quickly becoming that worldwide through online learning.

Erwan and Alicia have a unique approach to relationship coaching that combines their educational backgrounds in psychology and aspects of Zen Buddhism to provide a holistic method to effectively improve connection with the self and others

Erwan studied psychology and graduated with honors after a difficult childhood and an early introduction to therapeutic work. He went on to live and study in a Zen Monastery, direct a Yoga ashram, and teach personal development at one of the world’s largest personal grown organizations. Erwan’s passion for helping and teaching people led him to found The Davon Method in 1995, specifically to help people improve their romantic relationships.

Alicia holds a Master’s degree in Integral Psychology with a focus on women’s romantic and sexual expression. She trained as a therapist before meeting Erwan and led numerous women’s groups devoted to female pleasure and life fulfillment from career to relationship. She met Erwan 20 years ago and started teaching with him soon after.

They have spent years perfecting their curriculum and techniques and provide a safe place so you can improve chemistry, connection, communication, and passion in your love life! Get ready to have fun because working with them is a blast!, Instagram + Tik Tok @davonmethod

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