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Sex & Anger Workshop: Understanding Your Rage & Resentment Wounds

Anger is an intelligent emotion when you understand what it is trying to tell you.

Sex is an activator - it can make us feel orgasmic but it can also trigger our deepest wounds.

This workshop will help you understand the rage and resentment wounds you are carrying, how these manifest in your relationship(s), and how you can start healing them so they do not interrupt your sexual potential.

We'll also have renowned Astrologist, Santos, co-leading this class to teach you about the Astrological significance of anger through the lens of Mars - planet of sex & anger. Santos will also be guiding you through an meditation with breathe work and reiki to offer a healing step forward in your journey towards healing anger and enjoying sex.

RSVP if you are ready to go from frustrated, confused, and resentful to liberated, connected, and at peace with yourself and your past.