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[FREE FOR SUPERBLOOMERS] Sex in Space: A review of astroSEXology

Dec 8th
1 AM - 2:30 AM

PhD Candidate and lecturer Maria Santaguida is sharing the scoop on the latest research on the future of humans having sex in space.

Sex, Love, & Spaceships: Let’s Talk about Space Sex!

We are entering a new era of space exploration, marked by groundbreaking advancements in orbital hotels, off-world settlements, and extended space missions. As humankind expands beyond Earth, a myriad of questions regarding the technical and human challenges have emerged, including those related to our sexual health and well-being: What will sex in space be like? Is it possible to safely reproduce beyond Earth? How can we establish and maintain satisfying and healthy intimate relationships aboard spacecrafts, space stations, or extraterrestrial habitats?

These are the questions that sex researcher, Maria Santaguida has been exploring with their work in space sexology, also known as astrosexology the scientific study of extraterrestrial intimacy and sexuality. 

Join us for a 90-minute talk and Q&A on the field of space sexology. Topics include:  

  • Our (near) future space lives: From space hotels to space settlements
  • The history of space sexology 
  • The mechanics of sex in space and innovative solutions in sex tech
  • Anticipated risks and benefits of intimacy and sexuality in space
  • And much more!

Introducing Maria Santaguida

Maria Santaguida is a PhD candidate and lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Concordia University (Montreal, QC, Canada). She specializes in human sexuality, sexual technology, and substance-related sexual risk behaviours. Her work also explores how space programs can integrate sex research and move toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. In late 2021, she co-authored a position piece titled The Case for Space Sexology. This article and related work with her esteemed colleagues, led to waves of international media coverage and is paving the way for the comprehensive scientific study of human sexuality and intimacy in space settings.

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  • General Admission