Sinking Your Teeth In: Erotic Biting

Nov 28th
2 AM - 4 AM

Biting can often be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Join this workshop and we’ll explore the full spectrum of biting, from nibbling to more intense mouth grabs that will make your partner crumble. You can use your mouth to create all sorts of exciting sensations which we’ll discuss. Since you could break skin, there are concerns regarding safety and the possibility of transmitting disease which we will cover and how to discuss this in negotiations. There are a variety of experiences to be had when it comes to biting so we’ll go over techniques to help aid in what you are looking to achieve through the art of erotic biting.

Some other topics to be discussed will include:

  • Tapping into and engaging with your primal side
  • Best areas to sink your teeth into
  • The eroticism of vampirism
  • Energy play with biting
  • Creating marks and what to use while healing
  • Biting for punishment vs pleasure
  • Ownership and the art of power exchange 
  • Toy recommendations to aid in biting
  • Plus sexy demos

Regardless of gender identity, sexuality, relationship status, experience level, age, or race, all are welcome to join this class.