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Sleaze-Free Seduction Skills

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Has flirting always felt awkward and the idea of making the first move anxiety-provoking? Have you felt tired of letting opportunities pass you by because you’re afraid to make a move?

You don’t have to deny your desire or passively wait for others to initiate with you! Discover sleaze-free ways of seducing others!

In this experiential workshop with sex and intimacy coach and educator Dr. Alison Ash of, you will:

  • Gain verbal and non-verbal skills for flirting and seduction
  • Learn how to approach others in ways that feel appropriate and respectful and become more comfortable and confident in initiating
  • Discover how to escalate flirting in ways that feel attuned, playful, and inviting
  • Explore how to read others body languages so you know if they’re receptive to your advances
  • Learn how to recover from failed flirting attempts and how to recalibrate so you can stay in connection

Whether you want to learn how to create new romantic connections or want to improve your ability to continually seduce your current lover(s), this workshop will help you figure out how get freaky without being creepy!


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“Dr. Aly’s offered incredible insights into the usually unspoken discomforts of pick-up culture and her framing helped me understand the ways patriarchy and shame live in my body, and the harmful impacts they are having on all of my encounters. Learning tangible ways safety and desire can be interwoven for incredible connection with others was truly a gift!” - S.M.

“This workshop felt like a game-changer. I came away with much more confidence, clarity, and ease. Dr. Aly is friendly, approachable and caring, and her commitment to helping people experience interactions and relationships that are both full of passion and comfortable and consensual for all involved is evident throughout.” - S.J.

“I now feel so much freer to have my desires and more confident I can share them without making women feel uncomfortable. The workshop offered clear guiding principles as well as a toolbox of specific tactics I can apply immediately in my dating life, all presented in a way that was both empathetic and practical.” - S.S.


Instructor Bio

Dr. Alison Ash is a trauma-informed sex and intimacy coach and educator, Stanford University Lecturer, author, and founder of As a sociologist with a PhD from Stanford, she has a comprehensive understanding of the complex societal challenges that often lead to unsatisfying and disempowering sexual experiences. She designs workshops, courses, and retreats and offers individuals and couples coaching to give others the tools to discover their desires and confidently pursue them.


Important Info

* Please note tickets are not refundable. You may transfer them to another individual but not to a future event.

* Please take an at-home antigen test on the day of the workshop and take a photo of your results. Tests can also be purchased at the door for $10. If you are feeling unwell or develop symptoms, please stay home. Masks will be optional.

* I welcome folks of all genders, sexual orientations, relationship structures, ages, body types, races and ethnicities. The bathroom at this venue is not ADA accessible (may not be large enough for folks in wheelchairs).

* A limited number of volunteer and sliding scale tickets are available. Apply for a sliding scale ticket or send an email to to volunteer. 


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