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So you think you are submissive?

Nov 24th
9 PM - 11 PM
  • Hosted by Goddess Viktoria Sway
  • New York, NY -
  • 18 people on the list-

An introductory course providing a comprehensive overview of submissive BDSM principles and practices. This course is designed to provide an opportunity for participants to learn about submissive play. It is perfect for those who are new to the BDSM community, or those who are looking to deepen their understanding of their submissive tendencies, including ways to further your exploration process. 

Class Outline

  1. Introducing BDSM Submissive Play – Exploring the psychology of power exchange, fetish and kinky relationships
  2. Unpacking Shame – Examining the shame cycle and how to break free from it.
  3. Finding Your Voice – Discovering your authentic desires and needs in order to make informed decisions.
  4. Safety First – Learning about safe play, negotiation, boundaries, and potential risks involved in BDSM.
  5. Types of Submissives – Looking at different expressions of being submissive and individual preferences.
  6. Finding a Safe Domme – Strategies for building trust within a relationship as well as tips for vetting potential partners.
  7. Professional or Lifestyle BDSM – Exploring the differences between professional and lifestyle BDSM relationships and activities.
  8. Identifying Submissive Feelings – Determining which activities bring you into your desired submissive state of mind or “subspace”
  9. Aftercare & Subdrop- Understanding the importance of aftercare rituals to prevent “subdrop”
  10. Promote healing from experiences with BDSM play or dynamics.

Location details released as the event nears.

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