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Feb 12 🫶 Slow Down & Savor: Sensual Touch Meditation with Shawnrey Notto (The Faight Collective, SF)


Discover the transformative power of touch and embodied mindfulness in our Sensual Touch Meditation class. We invite you on a journey of self-awareness and connection through the art of sensual touch.

In this workshop, you will learn to listen to the language of the body, to feel its rhythms and desires, and to respond with love, grace, and pleasure, and expand embodied consciousness. Through a blend of meditation practices and hands-on experiences, you will learn to:

1. **Awaken Your Senses:** Delve into the world of sensations, awakening your sense of touch, smell, taste, and sight, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and others.

2. **Embodied Presence:** Cultivate mindfulness, both as a giver and receiver of touch, allowing you to be fully present in each moment and embrace the power of the present.

3. **Enhanced Communication:** Develop non-verbal communication skills, enabling you to convey your emotions and desires with greater clarity and empathy.

Your body is a temple of joy, pleasure, and exploration.

Your body is worthy of being touched and explored.

Your deepest pleasures are worthy of being revealed to yourself and for yourself.

Shawnrey is a #1 Amazon bestselling author on Sensual Intelligence & Joy, an America's Got Talent talent contestant, and dancer-choreographer with over 4 million views on Youtube, so self-expression of all forms is her thing.

Marci Shimoff, the #1 NYT Bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul, and former clients says that Shawnrey “took me on an exquisite journey to embody my joy, pleasure, and grace”. Clients often tell Shawnrey that she gives them permission to live their passionate, joyful, and fully-expressed life, and the best sex ever (without even doing anything sexual!)

IG @shawnreynotto (Instagram and Tiktok)




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$30 presale / $40 at the door

12 classes Play Pack $300 ($60 discount)

9 classes Play Pack $230 ($40 discount)

6 classes Play Pack $150 ($30 discount)

No one turned away for lack of funds, text/whatsapp (+14155050786) or email us ( to chat!



Classes are in Berkeley and San Francisco. Please make sure to come to the correct location!

Forest Love (Berkeley Hills)

110 Forest LnBerkeley, CA 94708

(Please don't part in the driveway)

The Faight Collective (San Francisco)

473A Haight St, San Francisco, CA 94117

The Green Yogi (Berkeley)

2807 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705



🫶 12 classes over 12 Mondays from some of your favorite SoulPlay teachers and more!

🫶 A place for you to learn, embody, and grow somatic, primal, emotional, energetic intelligence

🫶 A space to co-create community with an embodied common language around relating, intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality

🫶 An opportunity to slow down, connect, and move at the pace of trust

🫶 A time to have fun, move, and dance together!


Join us for a series of collaborative exploration at The Somatic Playground! These in-person events will take place on Mondays 7-10pm

Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique experience of connecting with yourself and others in a playful, expressive, & intimate way. Through various somatic exercises and activities, you'll discover new ways to move, connect, let go, and build trust with those around you.

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or have never stepped foot on a dance floor before, this event welcomes everyone. We're cultivating a thoughtful space to explore your body's language, express yourself freely, and connect with like-minded individuals.

In the Somatic Playground, we will cultivate a community of somatic attunement and relational intelligence. Each week, a different facilitator will guide you on a journey of research, play, and practice, honing your abilities to dive into your somatic, emotional, primal, energetic, and relational bodies - learning to listen through touch and taste the pathway of motion. An open jam will follow as a way to continue exploring together sparks and curiosities from class.

So, mark your calendars and come join us at The Somatic Playground for an evening filled with exploration, movement, touch, and connection. Don't miss out on this opportunity to let loose, meet new people, and discover the joy of moving at the rhythm of connection and trust.


Our Community Agreements


As teachers, facilitators, and participants, while we support everyone engaging with sovereignty (making good choices for themselves and others), we also understand that trauma has huge influence on people's behavior and experience, so we are trauma informed in the ways we teach, engage, and/or participate in these classes. We also recognize and continue to learn to be aware of the power dynamics that exist or might arise as we engage, and seek to level the playing field of power whenever possible, and engage with utmost attunement and consideration for each other.

Erotic energy may emerge but is not the goal. Sensual touch is welcome - we are exploring all that is possible in terms of how we relate to each other through sensing. Sexual touch is not a part of this container. Please reach out with any questions.


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