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Sunday Coffee Munch

  • Beaverton, OR -

Please come and join us for our weekly [Sunday Coffee Munch!][]

 We aren’t going back to Jim & Patty’s Coffee People full time just yet, but we’ll meet at Griffith Park near it for the Sunday Coffee Munch.

However, with the transition to autumn, and eventually winter, we are going to transition the Sunday Coffee Munch back to its original location, Jim & Patty's Coffee People. For now, we'll meet at Griffith Park, but if the weather is poor, like rain, we'll fall back to J&P's, with the intent to just host the munch at J&P's Coffee People.

The address for Jim and Patty's Coffee People is:

4130 SW 117th Ave.

Beaverton, 97005

While we will be meeting at Griffith Park, we'll be on the west side of the park. There should be two picnic tables with people on blankets and chairs near one of the two. There is plenty of parking nearby and easy public transit access. There’s also plenty of food and drink options walking distance away, too.

If you are wishing to join us at the park, please remember that picnic rules and munch rules apply. It’s free, 18+, bring your own stuff to drink or eat. If you wish to bring something to share, that is ok, but not expected and not sure if it will happen. Lol. Though, occasionally some people are generous. There is plenty of food options for you to grab something for you to enjoy , like coffee or food, including Jim & Patty’s Coffee People. 

Also, if you can, and want to, please bring chairs and/or blankets for you to sit or rest on, that way you can keep a good distance and be comfortable, if the grass isn’t your thing. Picnic table seating is limited.

Please make sure to pick up after yourself, and encourage others to do the same.

Please remember to respect other people’s health and safety and remember no means no, and maybe probably means no, too, or at least should be thought of as such.

Please feel free to give me any and all feedback.

To keep up to date with the munch, you can join our [Sunday Coffee Munch Group][] here on FetLife, or join the munch’s online Discord server by requesting a server link via PM.

~The little dragon 

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