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Tantra Program 2023

  • Hosted by Lindy James
  • Aptos, CA -

This Tantra Program deepens your sacred sexuality & Tantra skills, and gives you a place to practice.

Tantra Program 2023-24: Tantra as a Way of Life

with Lindy James

*The Tantra Program is available for anyone, regardless of vaccination status. Rapid testing required upon arrival at live sessions.

What to Expect from the Course

Learn how to use conscious sensual/sexual energy:

  • As medicine
  • As a way to increase vitality
  • To feel radiant and alive

During the Tantra Program, a beautiful loving community develops, supporting one another as you learn and grow. This creates a healing experience of being seen and met exactly where you are. To enhance our program, I will invite guest teachers to share their skills and perspectives.

Going Deeper into the Tantric Path

The Tantric path teaches practices to heal the blocks that hold us back from opening our heart and body. In Tantra, we learn how to “feel” and be guided by the body's wisdom.

The Tantra Program will deepen your sacred sexuality & Tantra skills, as well as give you a place to practice. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Activate creativity from your sexual center
  • Experience sensuality as a spiritual path
  • Explore how slowing down can be a source of nourishment and insight
  • Feel safe to open sensual energy in the body with joy
  • Be healers for each other & feel deep intimacy without attachment


“I was able to get in touch with my truth and become deeply attuned to that vitality in all areas. Love is universal! In the Tantra Program, we fall in love with a room full of people. We learn non-attached love.” Katherine

“My time in the Tantra Program helped me to examine who I think I am -- my stories -- and shed those stories to become much more authentic. It is incredible to feel safe in a group and to be loved for your authentic self.” Zach

“The Tantra Program has been life-changing for me. Having a consistent group where trust is established allows the learning to deepen each time. Each time we could drop in faster and get to the heart of the work. Lindy’s courses have given me a safe place to find my voice and practice using it; to explore my boundaries and what I want for my life; and they have given me permission to choose for myself - free from the ghosts of the past. I highly recommend all of Lindy’s offerings and the Tantra Program is my favorite.” Cyndie


5 Saturdays: November 18, December 16, January 20, February 17, March 16

We will meet one Saturday per month for 5 months. Each month will build on the previous month’s training. Your full participation is required.

If for some reason you cannot attend one month, you can join the make-up class for an additional $65.00. There will be two make-up Saturdays for missed classes (Jan & March), which run from 12 - 5 PM.

Please check your calendar to verify how the program dates work for you. Attending every month with your group builds a sense of continuity and community for everyone.

Schedule for Training Days:

  • Arrive at 10 AM for coffee and cuddles.
  • Our first session of the day starts Saturday morning at 10:30 AM.
  • Lunch break from 1-2:30 PM.
  • Second session is from 2:30- 5:30 PM.
  • Dinner break from 5:30-7:00 PM.
  • We reconvene in Tantra space from 7-9ish with a Puja to practice what we learned that day.


There is an option to stay overnight. The price is $30 per night for a trifold on the floor, or $40 per person for the limited private rooms.


Guided Embodiment Practice: I am offering this to you for the duration of our training and highly recommend you participate. The morning practice is Mon-Fri from 8 - 8:30 am, PST. Recordings are available. Click HERE to read more and listen to a sample recording.

Zoom Calls: One zoom call between weekends to keep us all in touch.

Pre-requisite for participating in the Tantra Program

This event is for experienced practitioners.

I’m looking for students to have some foundations in personal growth and experience in sacred sexuality, like Tantra, the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), etc.

If you have a question about attending, or if I do not know you, please schedule a phone call with me using this LINK to discuss.

Covid Protocol

We require a 15 minute rapid antigen test the day of the event. We also request that folks refrain from large group gatherings the week prior to our event.

Registration, Payment and Confirmation

Space is limited; please pay in advance to save your spot. Confirmation with instructions, location and directions will be sent out closer to the event.

  • 5 Full Saturdays, each session costs $263 = $1315
  • Payment for the first 2 months reserves your spot ($263 x 2 = $526)
  • Pay in full and save $250 = ($213 x 5 = $1065)

*Full Payment or 2 month deposit due by: October 2nd, 2023

There are several options for your payment pleasure:

  • Eventbrite Registration: includes additional processing fees.
  • Paypal:
  • Venmo: lindy-james-1
  • For check payments: please email me to request the address.

I hope to connect with you soon, dear one.

Feel free to contact me with any questions:

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