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Cum one and all❤️‍🔥

Every Tuesday at Club Safe Word, experience the synergy of your own sovereignty and create a sacred sexual play party with beautiful beings.

Your facilitator:

Integrative holistic healer/facilitator dedicated to helping people find balance and harmony in their internal and external worlds.

Shamanic practitioner who uses breath, sound, and movement to help her clients connect with their inner selves and life force energy. 

Life path as a tantra practitioner practicing non-duality and finding the spaciousness for the alchemy between fate and free will. 

Reiki Master NLP and Emotion Code certified, and an intimacy and ecstasy coach.

AWAKE Academy, ISTA, and Landmark graduate.

Balances energy and release trapped emotions to live in a bliss state.

Balancing the dark and light within/integrating the aware feminine/aware masculine in order to achieve a state of wholeness is her main objective for all.

Let’s get that Kundalini rising.

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