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Tantra Tuesdays

  • San Diego, CA -

Hello King and Queen!

I’m so delighted and honored to share this experience with you!

This month will be covering the foundations of Tantra through Egyptian alchemy and the ‘Laws of 3.’ 

You’ll be able to work interpersonally, with your partner as well as with others, within your own desires.

It will be 2 hours of education and ceremony building, followed by 2 hours of open play or I’ll be offering short private sessions, and happily assisting those wanting to delve deeper into rituals throughout this time.

That being said, wear whatever outfit(s) you may feel comfortable and sensual in for both parts of the experience. 

We have pillows, chairs, beds and couches, though any blankets, lotions, potions, toys, as well as safe sex personal treasures are welcomed.

We will have light snacks and non-alcoholic as well as some alcoholic beverages, though all are also welcomed to bring their own or to share.

Please let me know of any other inquiries or desires.

The event is $45/person or $35 if one is a premium member of Club Safe Word. 

You may apply for membership on the website anytime.

Location details will be provided upon RSVP, and you may use Venmo, CashApp or bring cash to the event at anytime.

I am looking so forward to creating sacredness with you through beautiful synergy.

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