The Art of Caning with Master Hines

Sep 22nd
12 AM - 1:30 AM
  • Hosted by House of Kush
  • San Francisco, CA -

The Art of Caning – From Sensual to Sadistic

This workshop will delight those who have only experienced or perceived caning as an instrument for masochists and sadists. For most people the idea of caning brings up images of sadistic scenes, excruciating pain and extreme marks and bruises. Though these are possible, there are also more sensual approaches to caning. In this class Master Hines present a broad view of caning including: 

• Practice techniques

• Fun areas of the body to cane

• How to produce connection while caning

• Caning games

• Sensuous vs Sadistic

• American, English and Power styles of caning

• And more…

This workshop is sure to interest both novice and experienced players, particularly those of you who are afraid of canes and also those of you who want to learn a wider range of caning techniques. 

Master Hines

BDSM Educator and Professional Dominant, Master Hines formally joined the BDSM community in 1992 in Atlanta Georgia where he regularly attended PEP (People Exchanging Power) and The Sanctuary of The Dark Angel until moving to the San Francisco Bay area in 2003. Master Hines has presented demonstrations, classes and private workshops throughout the Southeast since 1997 and in the Bay Area since 2000 when he was first invited to San Francisco to present workshops for Folsom Street Fair weekend. He is well respected for his flair and artistry with floggers and has given classes on many topics including Flogging, Spirituality and SM, Erotic Knife Play, Resistance Play, The SM of Hands, Sensuous Caning Rough Body Play and Primal Play. Master Hines is also an accomplished full-time visual artist specializing in contemporary painting, and photography. You can visit his web sites at, and You can also find him on Fetlife at MasterHines.


Master Hines 

BDSM Educator, Professional Dominant

ProDom sessions

Private S/M classes available

"Empathy only begins when you forgo using the words me, my, I." Master Hines


The House of Kush is an international leather association founded by Domina Atua. With the collective effort of its House members and in-service members, it is committed to cannabis education, safe consumption, explicit prior permission, consensual application, and current practices. HOK acknowledges the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis: promoting safe, enthusiastic consensual consumption, overall. Our mission, beyond cannakink and kink education and safety practices , is to advocate for those incarcerated for cannabis-related crimes and suffering the consequences of a legal system woefully behind its recreational laws.

The House of Kush does NOT support scening under the influence of cannabis while under bondage nor with implements nor under any form of enthusiastic consent/CNC duress play. We do support sensual smoke play AFTER enthusiastic consent is given in a coherent, sober state and BEFORE the usage of any THC infused cannabinoids.

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