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The Art of Interdependent Relating: A Relationship Lab

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To be in-relationship is to be on a spiritual journey. We are meant to be triggered - and, more importantly, to heal - in-relationship.

Interdependence is not a prescribed relationship formula. It is a conscious and intentional ever-evolving journey of self-love and co-creation - and it isn’t for the faint of heart… because it means challenging everything you’ve ever been conditioned to believe about relationships.

This is a next-level conversation on relating.

This is an ongoing monthly discussion group. A new topic will be presented every month.

LBGTQIA+, kink, and nontraditional-relating-friendly

**You are invited to stay after the discussion for a SOCIAL HOUR to connect more with community**


Sharon Marie Scott is a queer, kinky, intuitive sage, relationship maverick, and shamanic guide. Though most of her career was as a storyteller in comic books, video games, and fiction, her personal healing journey and subsequent spiritual expansion led her to becoming a multidimensional channel and sex-positive leader for people in alternative lifestyles (sex-positive LGBTQIA+, kink and BDSM, and/or polyamory/swinging/open relating). Her modalities include somatic healing, inner child work, nervous system regulation, ancestral healing, and guided epigenetic release.

She has led classes on kink dynamics, squirting, chain play, rope, soft skills, BDSM play, polyamory 101, how kink can inform your polyamory, and how to live in conscious alignment. She has hosted discussion groups on ethical non-monogamy, radical wholeness, and deprogramming our monogamous conditioning. She also curates a private online community - The Woo Underground - an inclusive space that encourages conscious self-growth through alternative lifestyles.

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