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The Wolf Womb Women's Circle with Magalí Clazón

  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

Returning to the Wisdom within. We gather to nurture ourselves from this Oasis created by leaders women that are planting the seeds for a new humanity. The goddess will hold us.

The WOLF WOMB is a Sacred & Mystic practice to heal and awaken our wombs, our bodies and to remember our ancestral wisdom, connecting with the powerful and divine nature that we all are.

WHY? It is time to root in our sacred gifts and gain confidence to bring them to life! When we do this work collectively in a ceremony, the energy rises, and fears dissipate and transform into something new. We gather to regenerate our collective and individual forces.

Rituals, animal wisdom, somatic coaching, chants, prompts, movement & breathwork are designed to make this experience unique, as we are.

A safe place to be who we truly are and to inspire others and be inspired by our natural wisdom.

Price: $25 early-bird / $33 at the door

Schedule & Late Policy: *Doors close at 7:15 pm. Please arrive on time, as we will not be able to let people in late once we begin*

Bios: Meet Magalí Clazón.

I feel touched by Woman’s Circle internationally as I have transformed myself once I said YES to open the portal to my divine feminine and masculine. Integrating both energies, I realized that we could not continue playing small longer, and I felt the fire to walk with others on this path of remembrance a few years ago, starting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Working with other women has been one of the biggest challenges of my life since I went through a painful childhood seeing how the woman in my life betrayed my family. So trusting another woman has been an exciting journey in my life, and I know most of us share wounds from our lineage, so this is the time we come together to heal and rise.

*More about my academic and studies background on the links belows.

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**no refunds or exchanges are available for this event - you can sell or gift your ticket to a friend**

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