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Tops/Doms Learning Circle

a discussion group for kinky learning

Once a month Sinners United of San Antonio/Mistress Cas will be hosting a open support group for all sorts of tops/dominants in throughout the world!

This months topic is 'Collaring'

Switches are welcome as well! Anyone who tops in some manner.

These meetings will function similarly to 'Healing Circles' and 4th way meetings, but a little different. Everyone who joins us should come ready with a personal question about the topic in relation to their own lives. While we will have a set topic every time we meet, you may bring a question about a different topic if you need to.

We will open the zoom circle at 8pm CST. Around 8:10 we will start with a short video/lecture from the nights host, and then open to the group for your questions/musings on the topic. We may have open discussion time towards the end, but possibly not.


Stay muted while in the meeting, unless it is your turn to speak

DO NOT pm others in the meeting without permission in the public chat first

Don't be a dick

These meetings will be limited to 20 participants (plus the host and guardian)