Torsions and Unties with TheDude and Insign1a

Jun 4th
9 PM - 12 AM
  • Hosted by VoxBody Studio
  • Oakland, CA -
  • 13 people on the list-

Join TheDude (Denver) and Insign1a on June 4 as they share a torsion suspension sequence and explore the delight of the untying within a scene!

Torsions can be a fun, challenging type of way to suspend. They also come with specific considerations in regards to safety, sustainability, and transitions. This sequence will demonstrate some intriguing ways to move in and out of torsion, as well as techniques to help keep our partners safer!

The second part of this session will help students learn ways to keep the scene interesting, and engaging during the untie. Rope handling, pacing and more will be covered.

Pre-Requisites: Both the top and bottom should have experience in suspension, and previous experience tying together. Riggers should feel confident moving and adjusting uplines quickly, as well as tying harnesses that can handle being loaded in multiple directions. Bottoms should have experience in suspension with transitions, and able to note and verbalize circulation and nerve impingement concerns. 

What to bring: Enough rope to tie your preferred chest and hip harnesses, plus 6 lengths. Suspension hardware for a single point. 

*Please read and remain familiar with our studio policies and etiquette page. If you have any questions or concerns please email us at




About the presenters: 

TheDude (he/him) has learned from rope educators around the globe. His search for new ideas and information never ends. You can occasionally find him traveling to conventions or intensives to help share what he has learned. He’s also active in Denver and can often be found, playing, teaching, and performing in the local venues.

Find him on FL here and on IG here

Insign1a (she/her) identifies as rope & impact bottom. As a Bay Area local, Insign1a has spent the last decade as an athletics instructor, movement specialist, dancer and athlete. Insign1a uses her background to help increase sustainability and comfort in rope suspensions. Insign1a believes that every bottom can bottom for rope. By using body mechanics and corrective techniques, every BODY regardless of age, gender, fitness level, or body type can have a safer, more sustainable rope experience. Every body can be a rope body!

Find her on FL here and IG here


4120 Martin Luther King Jr Way Oakland, CA, 94609

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