We're all from the same planet: Mars & Venus are bullshit

All the sex education you didn't get in school!

We’ve been told for so long that men and women are from different planets that many people assume it must be true. The problem is that when you think someone is from a different species, you stop trying to communicate with them because you assume it’s pointless.

The mythology about Mars and Venus is deeply ingrained, and it’s also deeply harmful. So let’s pull back the curtain and look at how gender expectations influence our interactions with the world, rather than gender itself.

In this class we’ll talk about:

  • How gender expectations fuck ALL of us up,
  • The harmful lessons we learned as kids that show up later in our adult bedrooms, and
  • Ways to bridge the fictitious Mars-Venus divide.

This will be great for you if:

  • You’re from Mars;
  • You’re from Venus; 
  • You just want to go home.

This class is for individuals or couples and is open to all genders, sexualities, etc. You must be at least 18 years of age to attend. You do not need to have a partner or any experience to attend the class. 

Bring an open mind and all the questions you haven't had anywhere else to ask!

This ticket grants access to the online class as well as the recording.

This is part of a year-long series of classes. The Spring Series classes are:

  • March 26 - Tune in to your turn-ons: What do you actually want?
  • April 30 - I’ve never talked to my partner about sex: Starting the conversation
  • May 28 - We're all from the same planet: Mars & Venus are bullshit
  • June 25 - Kink 201 BY POPULAR DEMAND!

You’re welcome to cherry pick the topics you're interested in, or purchase a pass to get them all.

Class registration gets you entry into the live class, plus the replay.


I want to attend but I'm not available on Sundays

After each lecture, anyone who has purchased a ticket will have access to an online recording of the session.


Leah Carey is a Sex and Intimacy coach and host of the podcast Good Girls Talk About Sex.

She works with people eager to explore new avenues of their sexuality and fulfill their greatest desires, like: diving back into the dating pool after a long time away, having first-time queer experiences, investigating consensual non-monogamy, or learning how to communicate about kink.

Leah's superpower is radical empathy. When you work with her, she reflects your true sexual nature back to you without judgment, so you can see yourself without shame.

Find her at and @GoodGirlsTalk on social media.

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