Wheel of Consent

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Why is it so hard to ask for what we want? What gets in our way? How can we learn to know what we want, trust in our own desires, and communicate that to others? 

Join us for a weekend guided practice laboratory to learn skills from the Wheel of Consent®. The Wheel of Consent® is a model of consent based on the idea of consent as an agreement between people, with a clear understanding of who an action is for. This practice allows for a much deeper engagement with understanding our own wants and desires and our boundaries and limits.

At the end of this course, you’ll:

  • Have a deeper understanding of how to know what it is you want
  • Be able to trust and value your desires
  • Better know in your body your authentic “yeses” and “nos”
  • Be more awake to the pleasure of touch
  • Have some tools to communicate your wants to others

Because of who we are as teachers, we offer a space that raises up marginalized voices instead of mostly the default white, western, cis/het voice. We are offering a coalition space (hat-tip to Bernice Johnson Reagon) for practicing and learning the Wheel of Consent.

This is an in-person class, held in Berkeley, California. 

We will meet Friday Jan. 27 6-9pmPT and Saturday/Sunday 1/28 and 1/29 10am-6pm

During the course we offer the opportunity to explore conscious touch. Each person will be invited to explore what feels good for them in solo practice, and partner work. These exercises are often limited to the hands. Touch is always optional. We are not inviting touch at the genitals or touch that is designed to arouse at this workshop. 

Couples are welcome and we encourage experimenting with touch with other participants. Please attend to your touch agreements with your partner beforehand. 

COVID-19/Health Policy:

We require participants to be fully vaccinated and have had a booster within 6 months of the workshop date. We also will require a rapid test before each day of the workshop. You are welcome to wear a mask if you wish, but they are optional. If you have any cold-like symptoms or symptoms of unexplained rash or skin lesion, please take of yourself and others, and stay at home. In this case, if at the last minute, you will receive a 75% refund. Since we are meeting in person, we ask that participants take reasonable precautions in the week before we meet together. 

Your Workshop Leaders:

Max (he/him) is a Black, queer trans man who has been on a life-long journey of learning about and re-connecting to his body. He has been fascinated by the body, the spirit, and culture, and more particularly, the ways in which these meet, interact, and connect. He has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and a Certificate in Theological Studies from Pacific School of Religion. He started a Buddhist meditation practice in 1990. He has been trained in a wide variety of embodiment modalities, including Authentic Movement and classical Tantra. He has spent his vocational life in a wide variety of endeavors, from academia, to non-profit technology, writing, and most recently, teaching mindfulness, emotional awareness, consent, and embodiment. He is a certified facilitator of the Wheel of Consent. He lives and works on a ranch in unceded Kashia Pomo territory, also known as Cazadero, California.

Sasha (they/them) is a white Jewish queer non-binary trans person who finds joy in teaching from and about the body and how we connect our insides to the outsides. They have worked with movement, sexuality, gender, bodywork and consent education for over 20 years. They are certified as a STREAM practitioner and are a certified facilitator with the School of Consent. They have taught and danced all over the world in contact improvisation, aerial/circus and integrated dance companies, universities and spaces. Other influences in their thinking include years of hospice care work, elections work, and cooperative business and living structures. They currently work as a Somatic Sex Educator based in HoChunk land called DeJope (Madison, WI, US). 

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