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Wicked Wordplay

Wicked Wordplay: A Sex-Positive Writing and Reading Group (ONLINE)

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Mmmmmm….Saucy stories! Pervalicious poetry! Erotic essays! Naughty notes! Give us all your Wicked Wordplay! 

Come join in sensual and sexual co-writing and reading time with facilitators Chel and Eirikah, tech host Turtle, and our supportive online community on fourth Wednesdays from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Please arrive promptly. The virtual doors will close at 10 minutes past the scheduled start time. If you will need to arrive late, contact us in advance at Depending on the circumstances we might be able to accommodate you.

Click the button above for registration. The link to participate will be emailed to you shortly after you register. If you haven't received it within an hour of registering or if you have opted out of emails from the CSPC, please contact us at Please take a moment to review our event agreements.

Each session will begin with a review of our group agreements and the CSPC Online Group rules, followed by 30 minutes of co-writing time. We’ll provide a prompt to get your creative juices flowing—or you can work on the sexy writing project of your choice!

For the second hour, we invite writers to share 5 to 10 minutes of their verbal hotness and imagination with the group. If our group is too large to accommodate all the writers who choose to read, our breakout rooms create more capacity for connection. We’ll close each session with a few minutes of conversation about writing-focused topics.

Wicked Wordplay will NOT provide dedicated workshopping time–we focus on parallel writing within virtually shared (if physically separate) environments, then indulging in the pleasures of sexy storytime.

If you choose to share your writing, you can request to receive appreciation only, brief constructive comments via chat, or more detailed critiques in a shared Google doc.

All sex-positive writers and readers/listeners are welcome. Come celebrate your unique sensual and sexual experience by writing and reading with us.

Don’t fancy yourself a writer, but love to be teased and tantalized by wicked wordplay? Join us! You can use our co-writing time to journal, compose love notes to your honey (or yourself!), or just doodle your daydreams, then sit back and enjoy listening to the group’s reading. You might even surprise yourself and decide to read sometime!