WIDE LOAD - Blue Collar Fetish Night / PDX PAH Social @ Eagle PDX

  • Portland, OR

Grab your hard hats & knee pads! It's construction time again. Eagle PDX's monthly hi-vis/blue-collar fetish-themed bar night, WIDE LOAD is back!

DJs Detour Dan & DJ Sappho will be nailing the jams all night long to get your nuts and bolts bouncing. PDX Pets & Handlers will be hosting their social on the back patio from 7 PM - 2 AM!

Our Foreman of Filth, Lady e will be there to help you knock the dust off your leathers and mud off your paws so you can get to knocking boots and fetching balls instead from 9:00 PM - 1 AM!

Proof of vaxx required for entry.

For more info on The Eagle PDX, directions, local queer resources, or places nearby to explore, click HERE.

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