Women’s Circle - Breathwork Journey

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**Limited space available.

***No refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance. 

Join us for a special evening to explore the three part breath pattern to access expanded states of consciousness, while simultaneously unlocking repressed emotions and clearing stagnant energy from the mind, body and spirit. This practice can further help us to establish new neural pathways in the brain and cultivate deeper emotional and relational intelligence to embody our intuitive wisdom within. ----- Join Hannah for this group breathwork journey for women and femme/female identifying folks! In this experience you'll have the chance to release stories that no longer serve you, express yourself in totality, and create freedom from the inside out using the three part breath. 

Hannah will create a sacred and safe container with beautiful music + sound, guidance, and supportive reiki healing. These gentle sessions are designed to guide you deep into the body and subconscious mind to elevate your consciousness, regulate your nervous system, and help unearth stuck emotions, pain, and stress in the body to make renewed space for joy, clarity, and self love. . This workshop will cater to 30 folks max and be hosted at Matka Studio in Bushwick. Please Venmo $30 to @hbcohen to confirm your spot. **

Please bring the following items along for added comfort:

1. Blanket, yoga mat, and/or pillow

2. Journal

3. Water bottle

4. Any special items, totems, or artifacts that hold meaning for you

 For any questions or feedback - please feel free to email: 

To learn more about Hannah & Feelings Felt: ig: @feelings__felt

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