Bloom Community

Womyn's Tantra Group

Oct 5th
2 AM - 4 AM
  • Hosted by Revere
  • Sebastopol, CA -

6 weeks of guided Tantra practices, unleashing our kundalini, and coming home to ourselves with other womyn. 2 rituals with male cohort.

Womyn's Tantra Group

For women identified and non-binary folx.

guided by Alyssa Anaya

with guest teacher Feather Rose Marie

collaborating with Jacob "Bliss" Lapides for 2 rituals with our divine masculine brothers.

This Tantra group was designed with the intention of deep spiritual experiences, healing, and igniting our kundalini energy. Together we will remove the blocks that keep us from becoming our next level selves, connecting soul to soul, embodying the divine, and being nourished in community with other women. Transformational breath work, conscious touch, energetic clearing, and Tantric activation techniques will be guided.

After 3 weeks with the womyn's group, the 4th Wednesday will be a healing ritual with our brothers from psychotherapist Jacob Bliss Lapides' Divine Masculine group (which meets all of the same Wednesdays separately. Couples, lovers and friends are invited to do the series together/side by side). This guided experience was born from our desire to heal the male/female split in all of us, working with the ways in which we have been wounded, and allowing ourselves to heal in community.

Week 5 we return to our final womyn's group for integration. Then week 6, our final gathering, is a Tantric ceremony with our brother allies who have been working on themselves in the divine masculine group. Together we will celebrate by sharing our newly revealed divine essences with each other through guided Tantra practices. Clothes on and boundaries honored. All gender expressions and sexual preferences are welcome!

Expect to experience:

Tantric breathwork

profound connection with your own body

emotional release work

healing masculine/feminine wounds

new levels of embodiment

unleashing your true essence

igniting your kundalini energy

opening to your sensuality

coming home to yourself

deepening with a group of spiritual womyn

10/4 Womyn's group 7-9pm

10/11 Womyn's group 7-9pm

10/18 Womyn's group 7-9pm

10/25 Healing Ritual: Womyn's group and divine masculine group 7-10pm

11/8 Womyn's group 7-9pm

11/15 Tantric ceremony: Womyn's group and divine masculine group 7-10pm

These are in-person womyn's groups, and will be held at Bliss Spa in Sebastopol. The Ritual evenings with the divine masculine cohort will be held at soft medicine, in the loft upstairs.

*Work trade and payment plans available for the Womyn's Tantra group. Please reach out directly to Alyssa Anaya 707-774-9661 with questions or wonderings about this series. Looking forward to being in the magic with you!

About Alyssa Anaya:

Alyssa has studied spiritualities and traditions from around the globe, earning a Masters in Divinity in spiritual counseling. She has been studying, practicing, and teaching Sacred Sexuality and Tantra internationally for over 20 years, including being passed the teachings and lineage from her mentor Evalena Rose. Her career has included extensive counseling, working with clients in the fields of addiction, death and dying, trauma, and sacred sexuality. She’s certified in Reiki and Sacred Sexuality Bodywork, and has studied several modalities of massage. She weaves elements of Swedish massage, Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic massage, and acupressure into her sacred bodywork sessions. Her Tantra sessions include guided breath work, conscious touch, and the many arts of love.

Alyssa’s Tantra teachers include Evalena Rose, Sofia Sundari, Lindy James, and Steve and Lokita Carter. She facilitates Tantra events in the SF Bay Area under the name Reverence of the Heart, and has a private practice, where she works with individuals and couples in strengthening their relationships by finding their unique sexual fulfillment and transcendental levels of ecstasy.

About Rev. Feather Rose Marie:

Holistic Energetic Practitioner & Ceremonialist

Rev. Feather Rose Marie is a wisdom-keeper of the divine feminine arts, Kundalini healing, and ritual ceremony. She is a practitioner, teacher and healer that combines many different modalities in her sessions and teachings. Feather has worked with thousands of women over the last 20 years reconnect to the erotic intelligence of the body through energy healing, online programs and retreats.

She offers private 1:1 sessions for women and couples, as well as group energy healing circles, online programs and retreats.

About Jacob "Bliss" Lapides:

Bliss (Jacob) is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who works with individuals and couples from a holistic approach. Through trainings, education, and personal experiences Bliss is able to bring an eclectic skill set to help others reach deep truths and knowledge within themselves. He holds space for people to identify how to bring their authentic self out more effectively and to live in a space of divinity. Bliss has been engaged in and/or leading Men's group work for 4+ years and has collaborated with Alyssa Anaya on workshops to gain skills, tools, and approaches on using Tantra techniques, strategies, and exercise to bring individuals deeper into connection with their intimate selves, their self-love, their beauty, their divinity, and how to share that with the world. Bliss will guide you into yourself and help you connect with your deepest loves to cast aside fears, judgements, conditioning, and the constraints of modern society to express your fullness and life force energy.

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