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YAAHS - Yarn Social & Crafty Meetup (SF)

Oct 5th
11 PM - 4 AM
  • Hosted by YAAHS Yarn Social
  • San Francisco, CA -
  • 21 people on the list-

YAAHS is sad to hear that our favorite brewery, Harmonic at the Dogpatch location, will be closing in October. This venue has been our home since 2019 and we will be sad to see it leave. Please join us in one of the final YAAHS events at our beloved local business.


Hiya, and welcome to the circle, at YAAHS!

We are a bunch of crafty folks who realized that making art is more fun with friends!  

YAAHS is so much more than a Yarn (Art At Happy-hour) Social. It’s a community of creatives who stitch together, bitch together, and strengthen each other through art and craft.  

As always, yarn is not required to attend! Come socialize with other creatives, no matter what your passion is



Anastacia / AVS 

Arbiter of the Yarniverse 

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