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Yoga Nidra & Soundbath for Personal Transformation & Manifestation

Nov 22nd
3:30 AM - 5 AM
  • Hosted by The Center SF
  • San Francisco, CA -

In this journey we will guide you to deeper levels of consciousness through the powerful combination of Yoga Nidra with Sound Bath frequencies.

Yoga Nidra is a ‘yogic sleep’ practice guided in savanna pose in order to bring the body and mind to the edge of sleep while remaining fully awake, and into a profound restorative state. Using verbal guidance to navigate the attention, you’ll experience various layers of your inner terrain while in a fully conscious dream-like state, creating the fertile conditions to plant your “Sankalpa,” the seeds for personal transformation.

We are augmenting the quality of the practice by combining the healing Sound Bath frequencies to access an even deeper level of relaxation.Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath are naturally complementary tools to achieve access to profound levels of our inner world to facilitate the manifestation process. We will provide a safe space and lead attendees to go deep within and plant their intentions in a fully conscious awake dream state to manifest and dig deeper into all their dreams, wishes, and desires. Afterwards, you can expect to feel calm, rejuvenated, and confident in your work.

Sound Baths are known to promote overall health in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic body. With relaxing the entire nervous system through calming and scientifically tuned crystal quartz bowls, the attendee will find themselves in a tranced and restorative state. Our soundbath this evening will include 7 different individual Chakra Crystal bowls , with each bowl attuning to the same frequencies of each chakra. Whenever the physical, emotional, and energetic body receives the vibrations to the chakra system through pure crystal healing bowls, the chakra system is brought to a more balanced and harmonized state. Thus promoting your wellness and wellbeing in ways like an improvement in mood, sleep, focus, digestion, and much more. Expect to feel rejuvenated and fully rested afterwards.

About Miguel:

Miguel Solari was born on the solstice into an esoteric yoga lineage in Lima Peru but it wasn’t until 2003 when he received his first 200hr YTT certificate at the Yoga Training Centre in Varanasi, India. He acquired a traditional Hatha Yoga foundation based on spiritual principles that set the stage for everything else. He went on to complete vipassana training, received kriyas, and completed several pilgrimages in Southern India which led him to cultivate a steady meditation practice. He entered the Native American Red Road path in 2009, and committed years to various altars and elders, learned to work with plants and eventually became a fire ceremonialist. In 2019 he received his second 200hr YTT from Shivakali Yoga in Bali where he deepened his knowledge of Vinyasa, the yogic sciences, and tantric philosophies. It was here where he discovered the powerful practice of Yoga Nidra which brought home everything he’s ever learned and applied. A new inner light is shining and he is now ready to share the transformative gifts of this practice with everyone.

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