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Hello Bloom community!

We have a special edition newsletter today with some exciting news...

BLOOM NEWS: SF Pride Partnership  

We're super excited to announce to you all: Bloom Community has partnered with San Francisco Pride to produce the SF Pride Month Calendar!! We are aggregating LGBTQA+ community events happening in June 2022 to help you all discover new happenings and connect around them. Get a head start by viewing this today!

We invite our community members to add your Pride events to the calendar and share among your friends and followers.

See the SF Pride Calendar

BLOOM NEWS: Luna Ray in TG Forum


Shelley Anne from the Transgender Forum interviewed Bloom CEO Luna Ray! Topics covered include Luna's journey forming Bloom, features for transgender and non-binary folks, the political atmosphere around ethical non-monogamy, and more.

Read the Interview


Have a great week everyone, and stay tuned for more! (e.g. Pride calendars to come in NYC, LA, and San Diego 🏳️‍🏳️‍🏳️‍) 

In community,
Bloom Team