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Hi there lovely Bloom Community!

Thanks for coming out to our partner events and contributing to the growth of our community! It was lovely seeing many of your faces this weekend - it always makes us happy to run into Bloom members :) 

It's another beautiful week in the Bay Area with many events coming up for you all. Join our new interview series, explore interactive art, and go dancing at the hottest club in the city - among plenty of other happenings! 

Fuck Yes!: Convos with Sex-Positive Leaders

Join us TODAY at 6pm PST for Bloom's inaugural episode of Fuck Yes!, our new interview series with sex-positive community leaders pushing the boundaries of culture and sexuality. We'll be talking to William and Misha of the Bonobo Network, one of the Bay Area's largest sex-positive communities!

To ask questions and interact with the speakers, use the Zoom link (we'll also be taking questions via the Bloom event chat). To follow along the livestream, see Bloom on Twitch.

More events happening this week

GUEST LIST SPOTS: Public Works this weekend!


We're running promos for several Public Works shows in October! This weekend, we're doing first come first serve guest list spots. Join by emailing promos@joinbloom.community and specifying the show you want to go to! 

The only requirements are 1) You are a Bloom member and 2) You commit to attending the event. If you know someone who wants to go but is not yet on Bloom, have them join with promo code viken21 or at https://bl.ooo/m/viken21

Other parties to check out this weekend

Saturday, 10/16: Bloom Meetup at Nocturne X!


Want to hang out with Bloom members and enjoy otherworldly art together? Come to Nocturne X this Sat at 2pm for a "transformative multisensory art experience"! We'll meet outside the door to go in together, and debrief afterwards for those who'd like to. See the Bloom event for details! 

More artsy events!


To see all the events in one place, view our Bloom calendar here. To add the calendar to your own device(s), use this link

See you all soon! :') 

In community, 
Bloom Team