Luna Ray, Founder Bloom Community   ·   Sep 13, 2022   ·   4 min read

Bloom Featured in Business Insider Funding Announcement

Preview of Business Insider article featuring Bloom Community

Photo above: Preview of the Business Insider article featuring Bloom Community. .

Bloom Community was featured in a Business Insider article highlighting Bloom's success in securing funding for supporting queer, non-monogamous, kink, and other edge-of-culture communities that have typically been overlooked by traditional social and dating apps.

"If you look at what types of communities are generally less understood by mainstream tech, ones that are at the boundary of culture are definitely in that group. But increasingly there's a lot of other types of groups that fit in that broadly 'edge-of-culture' space. So creative groups, kink groups, ethically non-monogamous people, and that's where we focused."

"Some of our most popular events are actually what you wouldn't expect. They're the basic happy hours, the hiking meetups, the beach meetups, the social hours, they're these casual hangouts that are replacing the church or the bar."

- Luna Ray on Business Insider