Transgender Dating

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Find Transgender & Non-binary Partners and Friends

The Bloom Community App was made by and for queer and LGBTQ+ people. Our community embraces the values of consent, communication, and respect, and celebrates all the possibilities of trans and gender expansive connection.

Gender Non-Conforming Community is here

We are a gender expansive community where over 13% of members identify as transgender, nonbinary, or otherwise gender non-conforming. In addition, over 60% identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum and members have 100 gender identity options to choose from for their profile.

We aim to be the safest virtual space for folks marginalized from conventional, cis-normative dating culture. Whether you're looking looking for trans and gender non-conforming friends, new lovers, or partners, the Bloom Community is here for you.

Develop Budding Gender Fluid Relationships

For folks in the queer and LGBTQ+ community, we know that relationships can be fluid — you might be friends first and partners later, or turn a one-night-stand into a lasting friendship. Here at Bloom Community, we do not prescribe or presuppose what each connection between members will become. We call connections made in Bloom "Buds" because we want to create the space for many types of connections to form organically. This leaves it up to the two (or more) consenting adults to determine what form their connection will take and what feels right to them. We encourage you to see your Buds as people first, and beyond that whatever comes authentically to you.

In line with our values, members indicate clearly what they want from the Bloom Community

Select what you're looking for

It can be as many or as few of these options as you want!

Customize specificity

Don't feel restricted by our labels! Tell folks exactly what you mean to whatever extent you'd like

Become Buds!

See what others are looking for and Bud them accordingly

Direct communication
Respect for all preferences

Signify whether you want to be Buds and/or have romantic interest in folks you meet at events, and we'll let you know if it's mutual

Indicate your interest

Toggle options for "Buds" and "Romantic interest" allow for various types of connections

We'll send a message

You'll be connected in Bloom with folks who have shared mutual interest

Get connected

Take your new connection wherever it leads!

Mutual opt-in
Clear communication

Explore Intersectional Identities

Not all queer relationships look the same. Many (but not all) LGBTQ+ people also identify as polyamorous, kinky, and and sex positive link these pages. We embrace the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community and provide members with opportunities to connect with intersectional and overlapping communities that share our values.

Queer Centric, All Inclusive

The Bloom Community is open to everyone who shares our community values of consent, communication, and respect. Affirmative inclusion of all genders and sexualities is inherent in "respect." We do not tolerate homophobia, transphobia, or discrimination of any kind towards LGBTQ+ individuals (or anyone). If you notice anyone violating this policy, please see our reporting policy.

Find your people on Bloom

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