Bloom Team Wishlist: sexy and connective products to get you through the holiday season

question card with the copy "when you close your eyes and think of me. what do you see?

Happy Holiday Season!


This month, we hope you choose to spend your time with people who get you, and your money on things that facilitate connection. Her's our top 5 delightful ways to get you through the holidays.




aka One reason I look forward to my Monday commute

With dozens of incredibly sensual audio stories, Dipsea will keep you turned on throughout your day, while you walk the dog, lift weights, clean the house, and drive to your date.  




#2. {THE AND}

aka Let's transform this weather chit-chat to a memorable conversation

Every question from {THE AND} intimacy decks help you drop in with partners, strangers, and even the most skeptical of family members (*personal experience).





aka Yes. I really want to do that 2nd swab

If you're tired of educating your doctor about informed consent or if you've fully committed to snuggle-in until Standard Time ends, offers at-home STI tests + Plan B.


#4. TOYS

aka Too much is just enough 

There is no way we can only choose a single toy. Check out our Sex Toy roundup with some of our faves. 



aka The best way to meet people is: to go out and meet people

Your next partner, bestie, sexy bestie, dance buddy etc are out there hanging in community. Find an event you like on Bloom Community and meet incredible people. 

If you're hosting an event and want to get the word out- post your event on the platform and get people to know about you,


A sample of the events happening soon:


[NYC] Hit Me Up Academy: Discovering Your Kinky Self

Hit Me Up

[Oakland] Kiss n Tell: A Bonobo Network Second Bass Party

Kiss and Tell

[Online] Jessica Fern: What's your Jealousy Trying to Tell You?

Jessica Fern

[Williamsburg] Shag: Naughty or Nice with Jamie Joy

Naughty / Nice

[Bay Area] TurnOn.Love: Repairing Ruptures in Relationship


[Online] The academic research on Sex in Space

Sex in Space

And with that- we wish you a happy kick-off to your holiday season! 

💜 Bloom Community Team

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