Weekly Seeds | November 19, 2023 | Loneliness and Togetherness

loneliness and togetherness

As we embark on a month and a half of holidays and vacations, I want to recognize that this can be a period of extreme connection and joy or extreme isolation and sadness. If you need support, NAMI (The National Alliance on Mental Health) has a 24 hour helpline: 800-950-6264.


Noa’s top of mind


How can I develop more multi-generational-community around me. I’m writing this email from a community picnic in my city. The host introduced me to a women in her 80s as his mom, which I later discovered was “adopted as their grandma” when her husband died a few years ago. I could see the benefit, found in many studies, of having seniors and kids spend time together and am inspired to have more of that experience for myself.



Witnessing the power of community care this afternoon came in stark difference to the reality of most humans in the US. This week, the WHO launched its first ‘global initiative to tackle the epidemic of loneliness’, after repeatedly voicing concerns about the widespread reach of social isolation (one in four people) and the impact on people’s mental and physical health. Highly Recommend going through Pudding.cool’s site which brings the invisible epidemic to life in a very creative way.



Data! Data! Data!

Arya.fyi, a couple-first connection subscription just released their “state of intimacy” report. I was equally surprised and not-surprised to read that almost a third (27%) of our users report that they have “major trust issues” when they sign up for the service. This highlights why every relationship product, even when erotic in it’s nature, must include building emotional connection between partners.



Community spotlight


Sura and the Sex & Psychedelics magazine team made a call for submissions for volume 2 of the magazine. I purchased the first volume in the summer and was blown away by the powerful content and images. Submit your visual and written art or get the first volume.



Growing Bloom


With ~1,000 events added to Bloom every month it can be very difficult to sort through all the possible events for what you want. Our latest app version has sticky filters at the top of the event tab for easy sorting, including “in-person only” and “NSFW” toggles. Shoutout to Joaquin for the design and Jeremy for building. LMK if these are helpful and what could be better!


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