Weekly Seeds | November 4, 2023 | Young people demand less sex on TV

Young people demand less sex on TV

🇦🇺 I’m in Melbourne for the week. Who should I meet? Where should I party? Email me with intros and recommendations.


Noa’s top-of-mind

Envy. As I made my way through the Halloween-decorated mansions where I chose to Trick or Treat I noticed how much envy and self judgment I have running in my head. “I am not as skinny”, “I didn’t bring it with a family costume”, “Look at all those Teslas” etc etc etc. A mix of anger, anxiety, and sadness brewing inside. As I continue to move through the feelings, I hold the essence of this awesome weird girl as how I want to own my personality.


One way that I’m shifting my thinking about sex positivity:

I’m curious about poly people who are not event people and their community needs. My personal journey into non-monogamy was, and still is, a journey filled with parties, circles, picnics, and workshops. And yet- I know that there are so many people who practice non-monogamy and kink, that are looking for partners, and are not into events. What does community look like outside of events? I’m inspired by Finn and Emma’s Normalizing Non-Monogamy community and curious about how Bloom can better support the non-event people? If you’re one of these people- I’d love to interview you and learn more!


Data! Data! Data!

45% of the events posted on Bloom are categorized as “kink and sex-positive”. Given that “kink and sex positive” is a very broad term which includes lots of different types of events, we decided to refresh our event categories. You will start seeing the new categories on our app, which will hopefully help you filter better for your preferences. More on this next week.



According to UCLA 47.5% of 13Y–24Y feel most TV shows and movie plots don’t need sexual content; 51.5% want to see more focus on friendships and platonic relationships. I really want to believe UCLA’s interpretation that “adolescents want stories that reflect the full spectrum of relationships” but am having a hard time given that teens consume porn so early and so eagerly (41% of teen respondents claimed to proactively seek pornography, and nearly 45% said that they felt online pornography gives "helpful" information about sex).


Community Spotlight:

Gabrielle Alexa Noel who has amazing content about being poly in the world just launched Metamour Culture fashion brand. According to Gabriella’s announcement blog, this line was designed with her partner, Bear, and her metamour, Fifi. “(Metamour Culture) refers to the collaborative nature of queer loving and it’s a reminder that we can step beyond prescribed societal roles & be exactly who we want to be.” Buy their stuff here: https://metamourculture.com/polyamory-has-changed-me/


Thoughts? Feedback? Feelings?

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Noa Elan

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photo of Noa in SF

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