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Hello Bloom Community!

It was wonderful seeing everyone out and about at Folsom Street & other events this weekend. You all looked absolutely stunning! We have another 10+ events this week to help you decompress and/or get right back into the groove. Let's show the Bay area where it's at! 

FREE TIX: Go BANG! at F8 this Saturday!


Come shake your booty in tribute to The Trocadero Transfer, SF's legendary disco scene, and celebrate LGBTQ+ dance history! Take a bud* to Go BANG! at F8 this Sat, and we'll pay for one of your tickets. 

*If the person you want to take is not yet on Bloom, have them join with promo code gobangoct21 or at https://bl.ooo/m/gobangoct21

How it works

Here's how to get a free ticket to the show:

  1. RSVP on Bloom and buy a ticket for yourself: https://bl.ooo/m/gobangoct21
  2. Invite a bud to come with you
  3. Forward us a ticket confirmation at promo@joinbloom.community, along with the name and email of your bud
  4. We will get your bud on the guest list for free via our partnership with Go BANG! 
  5. Enjoy the show! 

DEBRIEF: Folsom Street's MEGAHOOD21

It's hard to describe the excitement I felt walking my way to 8th Street yesterday. Pieces of my outfit came together — gloves on, coat off, hands cuffed, belt strapped — as I made moved closer and closer to the fair. I knew I was fast approaching when I saw a person wearing a harness riding a lime scooter on Market Street. As I turned the corner, I was immediately welcomed by a flurry of friendly faces, astounding outfits, leather people (my people) greeting me with compliments, donation buckets, requests to take photos together. Shouts of "Happy Folsom" ringed in my ears as I witnessed beautiful scenes of people reuniting and rejoicing. 

The day went by in a flurry, and I just felt so happy to be part of the action and contribute in some way to the connection I saw unfolding before my eyes. From meeting Bloom members at Wicked Grounds to seeing friends perform at the Bondage and BDSM Demo stages to supporting our community vendors with my new fuzzy rainbow tail and titty earrings, it was certainly a time to remember. Huge thanks to our friends at Folsom Street* for organizing an amazing MEGAHOOD21 — filled with community, laughter, and just the right amount of bruises!

— Erika from Bloom

*If you also had a great time and want to donate to our awesome partners at Folsom Street, please do so at this link

For those missing MEGAHOOD a little extra this week... 

Other events to check out


To see all the events in one place, view our Bloom calendar here. To add the calendar to your own device(s), use this link

Hope to connect with you all soon! Enjoy :) 

In community, 
Bloom Team